To Join WENC:

1. Complete this form and submit it to admin@wencaribbean.org or info@wencaribbean.org

2. Submit a copy of a document showing that you are registered in your territory, clearly noting the date of incorporation or registration.

If this is not possible (since territories differ), then you may provide a copy of the organization’s organizing documents (articles of incorporation, constitution, and/or bylaws), or equivalent document.   Once the completed application and membership dues are received, there will be an approval process.

When you are accepted as a WENC member, you will receive a membership packet and your company will be listed on the WENC website. If you are not admitted as a WENC member, your application fee / membership dues) will be reimbursed, minus a basic charge of US$15 for processing the application.

To help facilitate the processing of your application in a timely manner, please ensure that the documents requested in Number 2 above are complete and submitted with the membership application.